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About us

About Us

Delaney is an educational platform established in 2013 keen to participate in the development of the educational process for students from all  countries of the worlds through interactive materials that make learning an enjoyable and continuous experience and helps students to develop their educational skills continuously, as it helps parents to monitor their children's progress and learn about their levels Correctly, as well as we  help the teacher to design an interactive learning experience for students  from different academic levels by using high-quality and diverse resources  that enables the teacher to create virtual classes to share with his students, allowing him to communicate and 

influence students inside and outside the classroom.


Dollani is an online platform with a variety of topics and thousands of lessons that presents the Arab world with a unique and fun way to learn.

Additionally, Dollani envisions the use of the platform to make learning as fun as possible by supplying educational games, audiobooks, and short online courses created by professionals from a variety of fields spanning the arts, languages, and sciences.

Finally, Dollani has a great team of professionals across different fields to provide the best educational lessons.


Vision Statement

To improve life through learning.


Our Principles

To our employees

We will always treat our employees with integrity, respect, honesty, and transparency in order to create a workspace where employees feel safe and empowered, and feel a sense of pride and love for the company.

We will always nurture and encourage innovation, creativity, and productivity.


To our customers

We will provide the highest quality cost-effective knowledge and learning solutions via state-of-the-art technology.


To our partners


We will provide the highest quality, transparent, and secure content distribution platforms.