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Dollani Terms of Use

  1. In order to get the services offered by Dollani and register in the website, the user must provide all the required data, which must be 100% correct.

 This is the data required from the user by Dollani:






         2. The content on Dollani, educational videos; exercises; interactive games; etc., are property of Dollani, and shall not be used, downloaded, published or republished anywhere in any way whatsoever, as this is deemed a crime that holds whoever commits it accountable, and Dollani shall have the right to claim for appropriate damages were such act committed.


          3. Upon registering in Dollani, the user shall be deemed to have fully approved the conditions herein, as well as any conditions that may be added by the platform anytime if necessary. Therefore, the user should read this page from time to time to stay informed about any new additions made by the platform.


          4. Copying, pasting or using the conditions contained herein is completely prohibited because they are property of Dollani, and whoever commits this act shall be held accountable.