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dollani knowledgeable bank dollani knowledgeable

The hugest library for all the students in various Arab countries, Dollani Knowledge Bank (DKB) contains thousands of interactive learning elements, with a diversity of audios, videos, flashcard collections, educational games, activities, interactive questions and summaries.

Educational videos

dollani knowledgeable

more then 2500 educational videos presented in an interesting and attractive manner that makes learning desirable to the student, using motion and audio effects that clarify and explain the educational content. more

Photo Material

more then 6000 collections of illustrative flashcards that simplify some of the scientific and geographic phenomena, as well as historical events, etc.more

Interactive Presentations

more then 4300 activities and interactive games that arouse the students’ interest in learning the scientific material and removing the psychological barrier between the students and the subject, since they learn and have fun at the same time.more

Audio clips

more then 2000 audio clips that aid the students in understanding how to pronounce and read well, in addition to providing them with proficiency in the clear reading skills and with the development of the learner's concentration.more

dollani questions bank dollani questions

A huge bank of diverse questions, which seeks to develop higher thinking skills by introducing analysis, application, formulation and assessment questions.

  • Training students to understand the different question forms and give perfect answers to them.
  • Introducing a variety of assessment and measurement methods.
  • Training students on various questions, including thematic and essay ones, which will be helpful when answering the exercises and tests.

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